Rohan Manhal

Your local artist.

The new mural engulfing the coffee window and the entire side wall of The Local. Inverloch has caused quite a wave.


Local artist, Rohan Manhal, is behind the masterpiece and having surfed his whole life, has always been drawn to painting waves. 

With the feature at The Local., he has used a layered technique using Ironlak spray cans to layer up to 6 layers of paint. This method is a great artistic medium to create different affects and allow depth. As the mural fades over time it will reveal many more layers.

Rohan was ‘stoked’ to do such a big wall in town. Particularly in a location where he has ties having grown up as an Inverloch local. Some may know that many years ago the The Local. Inverloch building was once a surf shop and Rohan worked there when he was a lad of 14 and a young surf and skate enthusiast.

Rohan was raised by an artistic family and studied a Fine Arts Degree at Monash University. Ironically his Professor at university told him ‘surf and art don’t mix, you will never be able to do anything with it.’ 

Surf is Rohan’s inspiration and is proving in a big way that art and surf do in fact mix.

Rohan loves to work with local kids and has worked with Bass Shire to help stop tagging and instead start a street art movement. He loves to teach kids the art of mural creation and has found peoples attitudes are changing to mural painting as it becomes more accepted. He has completed many other murals in the local area including the Inverloch Surfside Caravan Park in the games room, the wave at the skate park in Inverloch and Durham lane in Wonthaggi.

Rohan is available for commissioned pieces and the provision of a blank wall if you have one.