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The Local. Inverloch

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    Weekend Notes | Review | 18th September 2018

    Weekend Notes reviews The Local. Inverloch.

    A bean-all and befriend-all "hole-in-the-wall". Check out this great review by Elizabeth Saxton of Weekend Notes.

    The Local Artist | Emma Dwyer Blog | July 2018

    Emma is a year 10 student at Newhaven College. The 15 year old artist has been developing her Mandala art for over a year and has quickly established a unique style that she has become known for. 

    The Local Artist | Rohan Manhal Blog | April 2018

    The new mural engulfing our coffee window and the entire side wall of The Local. has caused quite a wave, we got chatting with the artist.

    The Age | 6 Reasons | December 2017

    Top 6 reasons to visit Inverloch, and yes, we're one of them! Click here to read the story in full. 

    Media Release | 11 May 2017

    The Local. Inverloch Announces Opening Date.  

    Media Release | 2 May 2017

    Inverloch’s newest foodie experience, the regions ‘first’.