War on plastic on the bass coast

Plastic Bag Free and Clean Ocean Foundation, Business Recognition Program

Three Inverloch residents, worried at the volume of plastic use,  have taken it upon themselves to make local businesses accountable when it comes to using plastic, and The Local is rallying behind the initiative.

Michelle Ward, Bob Manhal and Aileen Vening working together, are determined to create a 'plastic free' Bass Coast. 'Plastic Bag Free Bass Coast' started with the Boomerang Bag initiative (where more than 11,000 bags have been made and distributed). They are now door knocking local businesses to get them on board with their new 'Plastic Bag Free and Clean Ocean Foundation, Business Recognition Program'.

Their goal is to acknowledge businesses that are making a commitment to going plastic free. To be part of the program, and recognised as a business that supports a plastic bag free Bass Coast, they must meet one or more of this criteria:

  • No plastic bags used in the business
  • Compostable (cornstarch) bags available
  • Bring your own container option
  • Compostable take-away containers and cutlery
  • No plastic straws
  • Reduced plastic packaging

The Local received six out of six ticks and now proudly has a sticker on their shop door showing customers that they are a business that is committed to reducing plastic in the region.

Michelle, Bob and Aileen have come up with this initiative and are taking it upon themselves to assist local businesses in reducing plastic waste, or ideally eliminating it all together. They are focusing on a process of education and awareness with business owners so they can make better choices when it comes to using plastic.

The trio feel it is very important for the community to know that they have no financial investment, only that they are  passionate about the cause and want to make a difference. That's something that Nathan and Fran, The Local. Inverloch owners, could get behind.

In addition to the recognition program, Michelle, Bob and Aileen do presentations to schools and community groups about the problems we face with plastic in our society. These programs are funded by the money raised at the Inverloch Foodworks supermarket through the sale of green bags. 

For further information on any of the above please feel free to get in touch with:

Aileen - 0408 726 717

Bob - 0487 710 182